English Teachers in China

Job Description
  • Teach 3 to 8 year-old children with a maximum of 12 students per class with a teaching assistant.

  • Fill out teaching records and handing it to the administrator after each session.

  • Keep an attendance record on the students’ learning “passports”.

  • Assign suitable homework according t the syllabus, correct and comment on the homework with feedback to the teaching assistants and parents.

  • Keep the administrators, parents, and teaching assistants informed of any problems or misbehavior.

  • Communicate with the teaching assistants in time to make sure the class begins and ends successfully.

Curriculum Design, Lesson Planning & Contributions
  • Contribute innovative ideas concerning the development of the school; play key roles in academic teamwork and projects.

  • Help the academic team to improve or design the course curriculum.

  • Organize and host themed parties.


Professional Development
  • Participate in and contribute to academic workshops.

  • Join research projects, local symposiums and professional training activities.


Working Hours
  • Working time is no more than 40 hours per week.

  • Teaching time is no more than 25 sessions per week (one session is 60 minutes).

  • Monday and Tuesday Off

  • Wednesday 11am to 8pm

  • Thursday and Friday 2pm to 8pm

  • Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5:30pm


Compensation Package
  • Salary: 16000-22000 RMB per month ( around $2300 to $3100 at current exchange rate)

  • Air tickets: 5000 RMB per year reimbursement

  • Hotel in the first 1-2 week after arrival

  • Legal work permit provided.


  • Native English speaker

  • Age 22-50

  • Bachelor’s degree or above

  • Two years of experience in English training

  • Certificates of TEFL, or TESOL, or CELTA

  • Clean criminal background



 Cities of Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Beijing