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Learn a new language.

Experience a new life.

Welcome to our European Corner in Houston

The European School of Languages has been serving Houston for over 12 years.

Our world-class team of instructors come from Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, Russia, and Tunisia.

They've taught their native languages in universities, private high schools and public schools—including corporate and medical institutions. Our instructors are trained to teach in both group and individual settings.

English Instructors in Houston Needed Immediately!

Portuguese Instructors in Houston 

Needed Immediately!

​Italian Instructor in Houston Needed Immediately!

Please send your resume to:

Or call (832) 708-9309

Beginner's  Spanish for Adults & Kids

Our experienced bilingual Spanish instructors will help Adults and Kids in  Spanish learning. For Class hours and Rates please check the Calendar .

 Beginner's & Intermediate English​ Classes for Adults

Check Calendar for rates and schedules.

What's New:  

Spring Group Classes Start Soon! Go to Calendar to Check the Details!

Beginner's English For Adults

Intermediate English For Adults 

Beginner's Spanish For Adults

Intermediate Spanish For Adults

Beginner‘s Spanish For Kids

Chinese Mandarin and Tai Chi Training

Beginner's French for Adults 

 Chinese Tai Chi Class​

If you are interested in China Tai Chi (Kong Fu), our authentic Chinese master will help you! Some basic Chinese Language Class will come  with the physical training. Our bilingual instructors will take you step by step through the process of understanding and speaking Chinese Mandarin.  

Beginner's French Class for Adults​

Our experienced French  instructors will help you learn authentic French 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide students through the process of learning a new language and infusing the

cultural aspects of that language into each session.

Our vision is to prepare students to apply their new language skills in every aspect of their lives.


We strive through individual and small group settings to reach numerous segments of students

that incorporate both adults and children programs to meet the students’ learning and budgetary


What People Say About Us

"Silvia was the best Spanish professor I have ever had. Extremely helpful and good. I am going to change my major to Spanish just because of her... I just adore her."

University of Houston

"I have to say, I did not expect to learn Spanish as quickly as I did. My instructor was flexible and committed to my learning... I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a hands-on approach to learning a language."

Dale K.

"We hired Silvia to teach our associates Spanish I and Spanish II. She is an excellent teacher and provide a great value for our associates... I highly recomended Silvia to you and your company!"

Willian R. Williams

We welcome all students—kids and adults, travelers and professionals, individuals and institutions.

One-of-a-kind classes include medical Spanish, Sport Spanish, and business languages.

We offer both individual and group packages to meet your learning and budget needs.


7:00am to 9:pm

Monday to Saturday


2100 W Loop S Ste 907

Houston,  TX 77027

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